Forget Lady Gaga: New Dance Divas on Demand…

Dance Diva Inna

I can’t believe it’s been 2 years sine I’ve been listening to Sirius Satellite Radio and the best part of it all is my discovery of 3 great stations: BPM, Electric Area and Chill!

I’ve also gotten into the dangerous habit of typing in my Blackberry or iPhone in my music notes the tunes that I’d like to buy or listen to again while driving, I know, bad boy… but when you’re a musicologist like me, well, you do what you gotta do, and I can’t afford to forget the name of a hot dance track or a great chill out tune.

Since I’ve been a fan of these commercial free stations, I’ve been exposed to new dance/electronica artists that I would otherwise never have a chance to listen to on commercial radio.  One of these acts is Inna, a Romanian dance diva, who leaves Britney Spears and Katy Perry in the dust and can rival Lady Gaga when it comes to an innovative, fresh, upbeat and unique dance sound.  Surprisingly enough, Inna is one of those club music recording artists that you will hear at dance club but most likely will rarely hear in your ordinary, run of the mill commercial Top 40 pop stations. A star in her home country, Inna has slowly but solidly been climbing the UK dance charts and is now popping up in American radio air waves…she’s definitely on my auditory radar!

Having said that, I give you Inna and her latest full length album aptly titled I Am the Club Rocker, which was released this past September 2011.  The album is packed with dance club cuts that are simply hard to resist…and if you have two hips, or even one, you’ll know what I mean when you bump this album in your car, house party or on your next run, bike ride or hike.

The CD opens with one of my favorite tracks, Un Momento, and it sets the tone for what is to come in the remaining 13 tracks that comprise the album.  In this track, Inna breaks out into a hot Spanish hook and features the Spanish rapping of Spanish sensation Juan Magan…frankly, when listening to this tune you really feel like you’re transported to a hot bar or club in Ibiza, Málaga, Mykonos or Miami. Un Momento is followed by the Ke$ha/Britney sounding Club Rocker, and while not one of my favorites, it definitely defines her sound but it also places Inna on the radar and map of dance club divas, whether Lady Gaga, Britney Spears or Katy Perry like it or not.

Other tracks you can’t miss and that stand on their own merit due to their uptempo, syncopated rhythms include House is Going On, the end-of-summer  and sizzling Sun Is Up, Señorita, Put Your Hands Up and the hot “feel good” No Limit.

The second hot new dance queen to be dominating BPM and Area radio time has to be, without doubt, Danish pop/dance/R&B singer and songwriter Medina Danielle Oona Valbak, who goes by her first name Medina. Also a record label mate with Inna, Ultra Records, Medina’s album Welcome to Medina was released in the U.S. in September, 2011.  The single You and I is a hot dance track that pretty much identifies her sound and what you can expect from the rest of the tracks.  If you like Kaskade, REINA and Inna, then Medina will not disappoint.

The opening track Welcome to Medina, is basically her way of inviting you to her roller coaster of music that will elevate your senses to club music heaven… “I’m naked for you just like a stripper, I’ll take you any place you wanna see…no it’s right here in my hands I’m gonna feed ya, I wanna feed ya in your secret fantasies,” yep, that’s how she opens musical world, welcoming you to her world and her fantasy.


Nonetheless, my favorite track of the entire album has to be hands down “Addiction,” a song that’s melancholic without being tragic, and tender without being overly dramatic, and this pretty much summarizes Medina’s album.  It’s electronic dance music that shines for its impeccable story telling ability and Medina’s sultry, soft and angelic vocals on each track. Welcome to Medina is a dance-romantic album that celebrates the excitement of falling in love, as she does in tracks like In Your Arms or Happy, but also laments the sorrows that come with falling out of love, as she masterfully does in Lonely, Gutter, The One or Execute Me.


Again, if you’re into electronic/dance music, these two ladies should be in your iTunes library or whatever device you use to hear your music.  Dance is back thanks to stations like BPM and Area, or the myriad internet radio stations you can find on Slacker, Pandora or iTunes Radio.  If you already listen to them, then talking to you about Inna and Medina is really preaching to the choir.

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