Ju Want My “JotDog?”

I give you Jotdog!

Pronounced (Hot Dog), this Mexican electro pop band formed in 2009  joins the ranks of such genre staples as Moenia, Belanova, Miranda, Fangoria and as far as I’m concerned LaRoux, when it comes to their sound and stylistics.  Comprised originally by Maria Barracuda (Vocals and Lyrics), and Jorge “La Chiquis” Amaro (bass guitar, keyboards, drums and vocals); and briefly and formerly by Alejandro “Midi” Ortega (of Moenia) playing synthesizers as an official member of the band, Jotdog serves a carefully crafted dose of  light-hearted retro pop reminiscent of the 80’s in their self titled debut album.

Amaro & Barracuda

Why they’re worth listening to? Well, it only takes looking at their short track record in the award ceremonies they’ve been nominated and won.  They’ve garnered a slew of nominations in Best New Artist, Breakthrough Artist, Best Pop Album and Best Music Video categories at the Oye and Telehit Awards in Mexico, the MTV Latin America Music Awards, the Latin Grammys and Lo Nuestro Awards, of which they  walked away with the Telehit Award for Breakthrough Artist of 2010 and the Premio Oye for Best New Artist.

So, if this isn’t enough, then I guess it all comes down to the music right? Well, that they deliver in hot tracks like the first single Hasta Contar a Mil, my favorite track on the album Las Pequeñas Cosas, as well as Vives en Mis Sueños and Resistir.  I guess what gives Jotdog a competitive edge in the sea of new acts is that Jotdog does not blindly rely on Maria Barracuda’s gorgeous sultry vocals, but engages Jorge Amaro actively in vocal over laying, which inevitably reminds us of the 80’s Spanish pop sensation Alaska & Dinarama.  If you liked Cindy Lauper, the band pays homage to her with a Spanish version of True Colors, Colores, and for the hopeless romantics, Jotdog also infuses the album with some tenderness in the melancholic Piensa en Mi.

I’m an 80’s kid, so listening to contemporary bands like Jotdog in 2011 blatantly finding their sounds influenced by the 80’s, is like transporting myself to my teenage years in the San Fernando Valley, like Oh my God… where I was hopping around with my Bugle Boy and ZCavaricci  baggie jeans, pastel-colored shirts and of course, who could ever forget those Joan Collins and Linda Evans shoulder pads. If Katie Perry can bring the 80’s back (which I think she totally does brilliantly in her Last Friday Night video), well, so can Jotdog.

Mexico, Spain and the rest of  Latin America gave to Latin music perhaps some of the best pop music during that decade (80’s), from Mecano, Miguel Bosé, Soda Stereo, Alaska & Dinarama, to Timbiriche, Flans, Olé Olé and Miguel Mateos, to name a very small exposé of that prolific era.


If you can appreciate all that, then Jotdog will be an instant favorite for, hopefully, many years to come!

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