Cinco de Mayo a la Electrónica

Nopal Beat presents Sonidos Lounge

So, on my recent trip to Colima, Mexico, the motherland of my mother and my family, I walked into my favorite book store EDUCAL, which offers an amazing array of literature and also some fabulous musical gems.  It was in this last visit that I discovered Sonidos Lounge, a double CD of some of the hottest Mexican Electronica you’ll find playing in clubs and lounges from Mexico, New York, London to Ibiza, Morocco, Brazil, yes that’s right…Mexicans actually are breaking ground in this hot genre, mixing beats with Latin flavors that can be heard in hot places like the Sunset Lounge in the beach of Manzanillo.  Anywho, I fell in love with this double album for various reasons, but primarily because its loungy all the way but with the necessary Latin rhythms that will keep you  shaking your hips the minute you hear the beats of artists like Tovar, Fat Naked Dancer, Shock Bukara, Sussie 4 and Sweet Electra, to name a few.  And it’s smooth and sexy in a way that as you listen to it, you feel like you’re in some bad ass lounge in Punta del Este, Buenos Aires or at roof top bar of Condesa DF in Mexico City in a hot summer night.

So, while you may not be able to be any time soon in Condesa DF, Madrid, Buenos Aires or Bogotá to enjoy some hot Latin Lounge Electronica, this Cinco de Mayo at the Conga Room, you too can indulge in some hot Latin Electronica at the event being held there 5/5/2011 @ LA Live Complex in Downtown Los Angeles.  This is not your mama’s typical Cinco de Mayo celebration, as a matter of fact it’s the opposite.  The Mexican Celebration of CINCO DE MAYO will be a sizzling fun music lineup not apt for those faint of heart MARIA DANIELA Y SU SONIDO LASSER (México City) COSMOPOLiTAN (Hermosillo, Sonora) and LAS CAFETERAS (Los Angeles).

I will be there, so hope you can make it there.  Yours truly, Mexxiboy (AKA Antonio Velasco) will be there for sure!

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