Viva La Santa Cecilia!

La Santa Cecilia-Noche y citas

La Santa Cecilia- Noche y Citas (Album Cover)

There’s no doubt in my mind and that of the collective Latino consciousness that La Santa Cecilia is what the contemporary Latino sound of the 21st Century should sound like.  This band is as Latino as arepas, pisco sour, arroz con habichuelas, arroz con pollo, pupusas, mole poblano and tacos de asada, with a splash of tequila, in other words, they are the New Latino.  In Noche y Citas, the band dives deep into a sea of Latino sounds and waves that are gracefully surfed by the powerful vocals of lead singer La Marisoul. Not to be missed is the opening track, La Negra…simply hot! Whether the band performs in English, Spanish, or Spanglish, the underlying fabric and soul of this EP is a Latino identity that is relevant and bicultural, which is evidenced by the melodic rhythms of the accordion and the hot thumping beat of the percussion and drums that remind us of how good it feels to be Latino. Noche y citas is passion, it’s fire and it’s fierce…I only wish this cita was longer than 5 tracks; they left me yearning for more!  You can find EP on iTunes or on

La Santa Cecilia

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