JLo Had Me On The Floor… Dang Gina!

On The Floor (Featuring Pitbull)

The Diva is back and she does not get mad, she just gets even.  Despite all the haters, especially in her own community, the Latino community, Miss Lopez has come back to the dance scene with a hot and bumping club cut that is already becoming this Spring Break’s (2011) theme song, On The Floor.  Loosely based on the 1989 “Chorando Se Foi” track by Kaoma, a French group featuring the vocals of Brazilian vocalist Loalwa Braz, On The Floor is JLo’s return to the music world.  Set as the first single of her upcoming seventh studio album titled Love?, JLo uses the master of hot power dance cuts, Mr. Cuban hit maker por excelencia Pitbull as the MC who proudly gives this track a jolting and electrifying sting of sexiness and unabashed Latin flavor that will have everyone’s ass on the floor asking for more.  Needless to say, this dance track is a reminder to us that a hot Latin recording artist doesn’t need gimmicks, extraterrestrial outfits or theatrics to get her groove across and her moves in everyone’s hips at the strike of the first note of On The Floor.  The video is reminiscent of her debut hit single If You Had My Love, not only in her hair styling but also in the choreography, which takes us back to that first time we fell in love with Miss Lopez; to that first time she broke into that sexy Latin bridge of that otherwise smooth, sultry and slow jam… the wind (industrial fans) blowing her hair and that hot chiseled face are back on this highly stylized yet disturbingly sexy and urban video for On The Floor.  If this is the opening act for Love?, then I must say, she had me at “If you’re an animal, then tear up the floor…” and yes, that’s exactly what she does best on her videos; let’s just hope the rest of the album can measure up to this hot opening track.

JLo and Pitbull

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